How to Draw Portrait

Before drawing the portrait, make several quick sketches and try to find the most prominent characteristic features of the face you are drawing. Whenever possible try to draw from a model and not from a photograph. Remember previous lessons (proportions of the head, drawing the skull). Start drawing the portrait from the main parts (the shape of the face oval, the proportions of the face, the line of the eyes, the mouth etc.), and slowly move into details, don’t start from the eyes or other small features. Notice the characteristic features of the face you are drawing. In the sketch shown in the video two ways of working are demonstrated: the first way, which can be called - "addition", is that of adding new features, lines and shades to image. The other way, which we call - “subtraction”, is that of erasing the unnecessary. The first way of working is more typical to painters, the second to sculptors. Your goal is not only to draw the face "correctly", but also make it look artistic and expressive.


Drawing Portrait

You should do a lot of sketches before drawing a portrait. It will help you study the prominent features of the face you are drawing.
portrait sketchClick to enlarge image
A very quick portrait sketch.
Portrait drawingClick to enlarge image
A more advanced sketch.